Our heavy towing and recovery division is available province wide. Accompanied by our traffic control units, each recovery is done with care and attention to every detail on site to ensure the safety of everyone involved. We specialize in roll overs, and collisions on or off-road. The Western Star rotator is an extremely versatile machine that allows for a variety of applications which include lifting loads up to 40 tons and the ability to rotate the load a full 360 degrees making emergency recoveries, load shifts, bridge jobs a lot less complicated.

Our heavy duty towing units can tow highway tractors and trailers, buses, motorhomes, mobile cranes, construction equipment, ag equipment and more. Our Peterbilt can not only tow but is also designed to lift and winch with ease. These heavy units are available at a moments notice to make sure your down time is to a minimum, each of our heavy operators come with years of experience to ensure the job is done safely and damage free. For more information on our heavy towing and recovery division call today and discuss how we can be of service to you.

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